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torrent update problems


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When I start uTorrent, all seed torrent icons are green. Then

what's happening is when a torrent counts down to update itself

it times-out and the icon turns red.

The network status icon in uT is green

I let the torrent cycle thru it's countdown but it times-out again.

If I stop the torrents and wait for a minute then start the torrents

again, I get the green working icons.

What is going on, any ideas? It's driving me batty


r o l l m a n

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You do!? Man, I've tried everything I can think of to figure out why this is happening.

I've asked staff at the tracker site(s) and they're at a loss as well.

I've checked one site that tests if your ISP is throttling traffic, which it wasn't and

doesn't make any sense anyway.

The torrents that're working stay working while all this is going on it's just the constant

alternating of on-line/off-line status of the torrents and this is creating chaos at the


How about you? What've you been experiencing?

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I shut down the Utorrent and waited until all connection were down. Started again with all torrents stopped and started them in batches of 20 and now all the torrents turned green (at least almost all but no ones are stuck with updating).

Guess the network connection freaked out in some way on my box. But now it is working nicely.

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