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µtorrent is acting strange and slow


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Hey there,

I've been looking around for a while today since µtorrent it really slow and won't seed at all.

I usually get (at my dads) ±500 kb/s download and ±110 kb/s upload.

Now I get like 10 kb/s download and 0.3 kb/s upload...

Also I noticed that there is a yellow sign thing.

I tried portforwarding but I can't seem to do it right or something, I also used a program which helpd a friend out. Again didn't do it.

It just won't register the port or whatever, I really need to seed this since I am the uploader and people want to download it but they just can't...

I also tried setting some options different (as shown on the forum) but didn't really help out either,

if some one can help me please I'd appreciate it.


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