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Something to do between Vista and XP


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I have a home network consisting of three computers, mine (vista 32bit ultimate), spare (xp 32bit), and a mac. I never use the mac for torrents and it is not mine so it's out of the question. For some reason I can achieve very high (500kbps+) on my XP based computer without really changing any property settings. I have done everything I possibly could on my Vista computer which is my main computer to speed up my download rate past 30kbps but it always like's to stick around there, very rarely more or less. 25-30 usually always. I have changed multiple settings including all the bandwith based on many tutorials and such. I have port 45682 for my listening port and it is correctly forwarded through my router. I am on Bell Sympatico DSL. I have no idea what else to try and do to get my speeds up to par on my vista system like my xp system. The reason I don't just download on the xp system is because it is infected with malicious software and in a very unstable state to stay on for long periods of time needed for downloading. Can anyone try and help me out? If any more info is needed please ask, I will be watching this thread for the next hour constantly to try and figure it out asap. Thanks.

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