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Nothing is working


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I assume my issue i operator error. My problem might be I have a degree in Business Management not IT. While I am not computer savvy; I am not one to define myself as a scrub. I have been around and successfully used computers all of my life.

However, there are 20,000 plus threads here. My head is not spinning - it spun off my head. Everyone on every other forum seems to tell me something different to do. Sometimes they explain with detailed clarity why it is better other times they just tell me to do it!

My issue is not a hardware problem. I believe it is a user ignorance issue. 8gig ram, AMD 965, Phenom..... CPU is 2 weeks out of the box.

I have a 6mb DSL connection(At&t):

Your Throughput

Download = 5.034 Mbps

Upload = 658.43 kbps

(That is the lowest I have received for download. The upload lowest is 624). I also receive something calles 11-16 MS. I am told by the phone company I am near one of their trunks/routers(or something) they tell me this is a great thing.


Rouger: D-Link Di-604 (yes, I know it is old.) However, it does its job just as good as any other.

SO that is my set up. I am so frustrated and confused it makes me sick. There is so much information I am dizzy then I get sick! Sometime torrents work sometimes torrents do not work. Sometimes when I run utorrent if I run a speed test the speed dips below 1Mbps(usually it does not). Sometimes I get download speeds of 330 usually I do not(the same was true on my older computer - same router/setup/dsl).

I tried to download openoffice as suggested. THE DARN THING never started; this happens all the time.

Am I allowed to scream? I have been downloading a torrent for the last 8 hours:

Seeds: 56(927)<-- What does the 927 mean 76(2785)<--- What is the 927?!?!

I have been getting an average download speed of 45.? down and 60.? upload

It always seems to go slow. I have read so many guides, watched videos and asked so many questions I AM NOT SURE what I am doing - OMG!

60-90 download seems to be an average download even when seeders outweigh leeches.

"Did you port forward both UDP and TCP to your computer's fixed/static LAN ip address?"

I do not understand what stuff like that means or: Your computer's fixed LAN ip address should be outside the router's DHCP dynamic LAN ip range.

When I read the help guides here I feel like a 2 year old trying to read pig latin.

DEEP breathe. I have AVG internet security/firewall(9.06 or something)

I have newest Utorrent from the site

At the bottom of my Utorrent it says DHT 282 nodes.. It says something about a firewall being in the way or a port not working. I do not understand this port stuff at all 6881 - whatever? That is confusing as heck! How do I open, unclog, unblock or de-stuff a port? I shut my firewall down and still got the same error. I feel like I am 9 not getting the drink of soda I want instead of 31.

If someone can help I will make a $15 donation to this site on your behalf! LOL? Really... I will even donate first as long as you believe you can help. I will meet someone in person(Indianapolis), talk here, on the phone or VIA email. I have been sitting at this desk for the last 20 hours changing this, that and the other thing. Reading so many terms, words and phrases I do not understand.

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"I have newest Utorrent from the site"

Mac uTorrent?

uTorrent v1.8.5? v2.0 beta? v2.1 alpha?

They're all really new...

In uTorrent, Speed Guide (CTRL+G) choose the xx/640k settings -- as that's very close to your reported "Upload = 658.43 kbps".

In uTorrent, Preferences (CTRL+P) you'll probably need to disable UPnP, NAT-PMP, DHT (both kinds), Local Peer Discovery.

You may also need to reduce global max connections and per torrent max connections to below 100 to prevent your ancient router from crashing.

uTorrent's incoming listening port should be a random number of your choosing somewhere between 10000 and 65534. Then you'll need to configure your router to port forward that port to your computer's LAN ip address (probably something like The router's DHCP dynamic LAN ip range is the range of ips a computer will get if it connects to your router while set to "automatically assign an ip address".

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