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Slow speeds, yellow triangle, despite port forwarding.


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Well, i may as well give a little background knowledge.

I recently reformatted my harddrive and reinstalled windows 7, before, when i was using XP on the same computer, i got around 120~ KB/s for the average download. That was without a firewall, but i did have to port forward my router.

Now, after reinstalling windows 7, i rarely get more than 20 KB/s, i cheaked my ISP and i haven't been throttled, so it should still be full speed. I DO have a firewall (comodo) and anti virus (Avast) and have port forwarded my router.

So, i port forwarded my router, port forwarded comodo, turned off Avast p2p shield for utorrent, and disabled windows firewall.

Still, yellow triangle, sometimes its even red, sometimes i goes green for a couple of minutes before turning yellow again.

For example, its green right now, but when i started typing this message it was yellow, speed rarely changes despite the indicator at the bottom of the screen, actually it may be slightly faster when its not a green arrow... Anyway.

So, i cheak if the port has been forwarded, and the site still says its not open, despite me forwarding both my router, disabling one firewall, and port forwarding the next, i even tried disabling both firewalls, still didn't work.

So basically.

Windows 7:

Netcomm Router: Has been port forwarded

Comodo firewall: Has been port forwarded (as far as i can tell, its a bit dodgy...)

Windows firewall: Disabled.

Avast antivirus: Turned off p2p Shield.


Port: 50822

UPnP and NAT-PMP disabled.

Any help would be appreciated, i have no idea whats wrong at this point =(.

EDIT: Whooaaaaa.... Speed just jumped up to 150 KB/s (for a second i thought i was hallucinating) but apparently the port is still closed, and its still the yellow exclamation mark.

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Instead of "turning off" the p2p shield, try uninstalling avast completely and then reinstalling it without the p2p shield, some of this software can linger in odd ways. Although, for the duration of working on this, leave it uninstalled and don't download anything suspicious. For Comodo, remove all the rules for it and create brand new ones, the thread I post should help. Also, what guides have you followed for configuration?


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i got a very similar problem. i used windows xp...then i updated to windows 7 like 10 days ago. for the first week my setup(windows 7 ultimate, zonealarm pro and nod32 4.0) worked without any problems with utorrent 1.85. meantime i had several windows updates, several nod32 updates and now my triangle on the bottom is almost always yellow, sometimes shortly switching to green.

i dont use a router or anything. no limitations by isp. sometimes my speeds are almost normal, for downloading its mostly ok, but upload speeds are mostly very bad. when i change ports in utorrent the triangle turns green for some secs, before it turns yellow again.

which windows 7 version do you use and have you installed all the updates? i suspected windows defender first, since it had the only windows update in the questionable period. now i turned it off, but still no change. do you use windows defender?

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