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Slow shutdown, Downloads Stop, Strange bug..


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- I experience a very slow shutdown of the application with the latest release of Micro Torrent for mac.

- My downloads stop at a random time,.. Red cross in front of my torrent name.

- And some files of my torrent could not be downloaded. I get a red cross in front of my torrent name when i set the priority to high, normal or low of that file. If i skip that file than micro torrent just continues with downloading the rest of the files.

Is this some kind of a bug?

Thank you

Sorry for any wrong language..

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I also had this problem here is how i fixed it.

Finish the torrent, it will not download the files with the x, then move the file some where else and delete the tracker from uTorrent and then reopen it in uTorrent and tell it to download the files it did not get before. or you could just delete the file and tracker from uTorrent and reopen it.

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