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No Connect to Masterseeder since one week


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Hi guys,

i´ve got the Problem, that I´m not able to leeche from the Masterseeder of every Torrent since one week.

Leeching from "normal" Seeder is no Problem, also leeching from other Leechers is no Problem.

But no Connect to the Masterseeder.

I used the 1.8.4 Version, und updated to 1.8.5 without any improvement.

Sometimes other Leechers are not able to leeche from me if I´m Uploader/Masterseeder.

If I´m Leecher or "normal" Seeder there is noProblem with leeching from me.

Everything else works fine.

Does anyone have an idea?

Cheers Chris

P.S: Please apologize if my English is not as good as normal in this Community, I´m speaking English only as second language.

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I mean Uploader.

Masterseeder is in my opinion that who Uploads the Torrent and thus Initial-(Super)-Seeder.

But my Problem exist while AND after Initial-(Super)-Seeding.

Also am I connectable to other Leechers while and after initial seeding, but not to the Masterseeder.

So I don´t think there is a correlation between Initial-Seeding and my Problem.

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I Found the Problem.

Long, long time ago i installed a IP-Filter.dt and forgot it.

Last week a couple of IPs changed in my Tracker Community.

I found the IP-Filter.dat by accident and checked the IPs of the User I ´v e got Problems.

All of them were part of the IP-Filter.dat

I don´t know why, but that was it.

Thanks for help.

Cheers Chris

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