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Help! UTorrent Downloading Incorrect MP3 Files!

Dr. Kosher

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I don't know exactly where to post this, so if this is in the incorrect subforum, please re-direct it to the right one.

First off, I'm quite new to UTorrent and love using it, [much better than BitTornado] however, recently, I've encountered a problem when it came to a particular torrent. As I was downloading Dschinghis Khan [i'm an American fan] I discovered that I was getting songs from another artist, namely Enrique and Ana [a Spanish childrens' group from the 80s] and stopped the download. Moreso, I did a full uninstall of UTorrent, registries and all, re-installed the program and proceeded to start the download again to discover I was receiving the same Enrique and Ana files! Is there something wrong I'm doing?? I downloaded a single song I wanted by itself, but would love to have all three discs, minus the Enrique and Ana files. Please help.


Dr. Kosher

[Edit:] Disregard this message. I solved my own problem -- Windows was viewing incorrect information as I had the destination folder open. Silly me, I R stupid. LOL

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