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Reappearing Torrents Redux


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I've seen this topic mentioned elsewhere, but no one seems to have a handle on it. So I thought I would start a clean thread, as the other thread has been ignored for some time.

Why do some torrent files continue to reappear after they have been deleted? There are now 5 torrents which simply will not go away. uTorrent 1.8.4, and 1.8.5.

Used the "remove and delete the toorent and data" function. Then I deleted the torrent files from the torrents folder. Deleted all files downloaded with the torrents. Did a search for any of the torrent or data files associated with the torrent. Cleared the recycler. Restarted the computer after an orderly dismount from uTorrent. Checked for any reference to the torrent or data files anywhere on the disk.

Restarted uTorrent. Within minutes, the torrents reappeared. Went through the same process as above. Torrents appeared abour 30 minutes after I restarted uTorrent.

I've done the usual virus/trojan scans, machine appears to be clean. Only happens on one machine, running XP SP2.

Man, I would loooove to see what this is all about.

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