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max filesystem file size


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Error: File exceeds filesystem size limit

If you are opening a torrent directly from a website using "Open" uTorrent will check the file list for file sizes too large for the filesystem, regardless of what's actually being downloaded.

If you are to open the torrent from disk after saving it, selecting only files less than the maximum filesystem file size, you will receive this error during data checking, once again regardless of the maximum size of the files actually being downloaded.

*This is a seriously bad bug, which forced me to use another client for the time-being*

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Honestly I've never dealt with a tracker that didn't split its files, large or small, but either way it should be no more difficult to discover if the files *selected* are of a reasonable size vs. the size of all files in the list. I would also like to note that this is a uTorrent specific bug, and will not occur in other clients such as Azureus, Transmission, and Deluge (so obviously it can't be that difficult to manage).

As for your question: NTFS is not cross-platform compatible (and don't even suggest NTFS-3G as a reasonable alternative for NTFS read/write support), ext3 is not cross-platform compatible (no ext2fs either), HFS+ is not cross platform compatible (AND NO MACDRIVE). Native support is essential.

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