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Ipfiltering concern


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I am using ip filtering in utorrent and it seems to load just fine. I duplicated the list for peer guardian and expected to see incoming blocked by peer guardian and outgoing not showing in peer guardian if they are blocked by utorrent. What I'm seeing is that peer guardian is blocking incoming and out going ips, indicating that utorrent is not applying the ip filters.

I have verified that the outgoing blocks by peerguardian are in fact in the ip filter list used by utorrent.

What am I missing?

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I think you are missing anything.

The same is happening here (uT1.8.5.b17091, XP-SP3 32bits, Sempron).

With the SAME list (ipfilter.dat from nipfilter.dat.gz converted to .p2b via BlocklistManager, double checked) PeerBlock (new peerguardian) is blocking outgoing, while uT doesn't. Checked with WireShark while PeerBlock disabled. uT logger says ipfilter is loaded with a bunch of entries, but it's supposedly not working. At least, on my system. Some "unwanted" connections are made... I didn't check if it's only garbage/ICMP or data being transferred. At this point, I didn't waste more time and decided to trust on PB & FW only - I don't want ANY connections with unwanted IP's.

I'm an user, let's wait some official response...

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