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Utorrent causing internet disconnects


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I've read several of the previous posts on this issue AND tried changing to Switeck's conservative settings which hasn't done the trick.

The confusing part is I have been using Ut on this pc for over a year with no issues until a few days ago (no changes to Ut OR pc!).

ISP has tested signal & it's fine. I'd look to the Modem but if Ut isn't running the disconnects don't seem to occur. If ONLY Ut is running it works fine & does NOT seem to disconnect (or at least not nearly as often). But if Ut is running AND I'm using the internet the random disconnects occur roughly 1 every 5-10 min's or so.

I'm trying to avoid buying a new Modem only to find the same problem occurring but I've tried all I know to save doing that at this point. Anyone have any other ideas (or seen this issue arise on a seemingly "stable", working Ut setup)?


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Updated Ut version to latest one but it didn't resolve problem.

Didn't change any "Advanced" settings as recommended because I couldn't figure out how.

Network Status Light = green.

upload limit: 22 kB/s upload slots: 3

connections/torrent: 60 connections/global: 99

max. active: 2 max. active d/l's: 1

Disabled DHT.

IP resolving could not find.

Windows Me (ugh) so TCPIP.sys change n/a?

no router.


btw - I have ruled out the Modem as cause since I was able to d/l a torrent using Bit Tornado no problem.

Also, as I said in 1st post uTorrent has been working fine for a year or so until 4-5 days ago & I had not made any setting changes until after it started causing disconnects.

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I've just now tried lowering to 32 & it didn't resolve it. Still disconnecting.

I have made absolutely NO changes to the program or my pc. I was using Ut & internet same as everyday of my life & started getting disconnects more & more. That's why I didn't see Ut as a possible culprit until most other things have been eliminated.

I'm stumped.

I love the program & use it constantly so I would hate to lose it.

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I have now (except bt.connect_speed). it hasn't disconnected but once today so perhaps some of these changes has it "behaving" better?!

*** update ***

after a couple days "testing" the disconnects seem to have stopped so these new settings must have worked.

thanks everyone!


One other question........how adversely will these "conservative settings" affect my download rates? I see that upload is capped at 22

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