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Effect of deleting half a file when seeding


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I have downloaded a large file (4Gb) in RAR format in 40 pieces.

I want to seed the file, but I am low on disk space. The file is uploading quite slowly - few peers and low speed.

If I delete half of the .r?? files, what will be the effect on my uploading:

1. You will upload half as much because you only have half the pieces peers are looking for

2. You upload almost as fast because peers are smart enough to figure out that you have pieces they are looking for (there are only a dozen seeds).

3. Something else

I am trying to understand a bit about how peers decide where to go to get a file.

I see the benefits of a swarm - not overloading networks, no dependence on a single source, but it also seems inefficient in some ways. I have quite a fast connection. If somebody sees that I have a large file they want, it would seem to make more sense if we just open up the tap and exchange a whole ton of data before going off looking for new sources.

Thanks for your help

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