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After inquest of 2 days upload remains still low


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Im investigating this and other boards since 2 days. Testing, setting up etc. Im using a Private Tracker and I want to seed as much as possible(what else?). uTorrents General Information tab shows me that there are 18 peers in swarm to seed to but im connected to none of them. I tried different torrents.

So I have tested my bandwith:


set up the speedguide to xxx/512

max upload rate 47 (why actually? because after Adam Riese 512/8*0.8 is 51,2 anyway..)

forwarded my port correctly as TCP(green check sign at hand)

disabled UPnP and NAT-PMP

disabled DHT, PEX and LPD

enabled PE and checked 'Allow incoming legacy connections'

net.max_halfopen is 8

Due to Windows 7 I dont have to modify my tcpip.sys.

I did the Switeck's recommended Glasnost test and my ISP is not throtteling Bittorrent in any way.

And yes, I have set a static IP.

Result: really low upload. Should be 47 and is actually ~10kB/s connected to 1 or 2 peers..

But I havent given up yet..

So I tried Switeck's recommended utorrent settings: same result of upload speed..

Nooo kejin is not done yet.. He has found the Azureus upload settings calculator and yees he has tried that one too: and guess what? Yep right, same low upload speed..

Do I have overlooked something? If yes please correct me and I am thanking you in anticipation.

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Thats what I was asking myself. How is it possible that I am just connected to few peers when there are more in the swarm?!

"Private trackers can report 18 peers as "last seen" by the tracker that are ALL seeds now because tracker updates can be 30 minutes out of date."

I would not refer to my problem in a board when it would be just about patience regarding the tracker updates.

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This isn't patience, this is about trackers reporting in past tense.

What you see...isn't REAL now.

Those 18 peers are almost certainly no longer peers.

They may never even existed...some could be a single peer with multiple ips! (native IPv6, Teredo/IPv6, IPv4 via proxy, native IPv4, etc...)

They could be firewalled...and you can hammer all day and never connect to a firewalled peer.

They could also be real peers but already have max connections per torrent or globally.

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