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How about adding a tab where you can choose a total ratio of all your torrents. So that you always keeps the same ratio on your ratio-tracker?

For now you can choose a ratio/torrent.

For example:

You have the ratio 0.9 (uploaded: 2700 Mb/downloaded: 3000 Mb) on the tracker. And you want the ratio 1.0 on your tracker. You have 2 active torrents. One of them are uploading a file thats 150 Mb at 500 kb/s and one are uploading another file at 150 Mb at 50 kb/s. Then the fast one will reach 1.0 after 5 minutes and stop seeding. Then the slow one will reach it after 50 minutes. And you will get the ratio 1.0 on the tracker after 50 minutes.

I want it to be like this:

Instead of the fast one stopping seeding after 5 minutes it continues until the total ratio is at 1.0.

That means it will take approximately 9 minutes to reach the ratio 1.0 on the tracker.

I hope you all understand what I have written.

This will make the life for us using utorrent and ratio-trackers easier. We won't need to check the ratio on the tracker because we now know utorrent takes care of this.

// Squasho

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