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Speed falling down


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Hi, I have very annoying problem with transfer speed.

When I start downloading well seeded torrent, it starts and downloads wery well (about 200 kBps - its maximum of my connection), but after a while it falls down to about 10 kBps, but when I restart uTorrent, it starts and downloads fast again for a few minutes. My connection status is changing. Sometimes connection mark is green, but most of time it is orange triangle.

Thank you for helping. It's really annoying to restart uTorrent every 5 minutes when I want to download something.

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hi, i have the problem that when my download runs, after a while at the bottom next to where DHT stands, left from it

appears: disk full 100%. when that appears my speed drops to 9.0 kbps, and when that same tekst dissapears it raises to over 1Mbps. But the funny thing is, i have over 150Gb left on the disk where all my files are downloaded to.

what do you guys think this can be because i don't have any idea.

Greetings Maarten a.k.a. Dr.jackell

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