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Totally confused...


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Im sure that your totally bored of answering these types of questions!

I have literally tried everything to get utorrent up and running but I keep getting the message to say that the port is not open.

Just some background. I have downloaded things before but mostly at a slow speed. Does that mean that my port IS open?

I have set the port in my firewall.

I have a static IP

I have forwarded ports in my Thompson G585v7 router

(one question about this - do I have to tell my router what the static IP is when I set up the forwards?)

Does anyone else have any ideas? The last thing I have done is been through some tutorials which are supposed to help improve the speed...things like getting the peers and slots numbers correct for my connection speed...It appears when I did this it has officially finished of my crappy connection. (could be a coincidence I guess).

Thanks in advance


PS. Im on plusnet

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