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Setting Bandwidth Allocation by torrent ratio; peers; seeders


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Recently I had over 10 torrents seeding. I was giving ones with lower ratios higher bandwidth allocation over ones already seeded to at least 1:1 and the ones seeded to at least 1:1 I was giving lower bandwidth allocation. I also did it based on how many seeders were available. Like on one torrent it was just me and someone else seeding to like 6 ppl, so I left the bandwidth allocation at normal.

So im asking for a feature to set Bandwidth Allocation by:




Either one of the above or a combo of all 3 (a combo of all 3 would be my first choice)

And maybe to counter any leeching thoughts, put it in Seeding Priority in the Options. I only use allocation when Im seeding, anyway.


I forgot to say: This feature request is for auto setting bandwidth allocation.

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