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Transfer to new PC, partial downloads are forgotten


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Hi all, I've spent some time now searching for anything on this, to no avail.

I've moved to a new PC, did all the migration stuff, appdata, the whole lot.

I start uT, and there are all my torrents (some broken of course due to drive letter changes).

My issues are:

* None of the previously-set partial downloads are remembered -- it just marks the whole torrent as priority normal

* Forcing a recheck torches the previous partfile dat stuff, and then when the partials are redone it wants to of course leech the small missing pieces

Is this normal?

I'd have hoped that moving all the right appdata stuff would have at least remembered which files in a torrent were marked as "Don't Download".

The doco and FAQ don't really seem to cover how to move partials to a new PC :/

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Yes, it's normal. The migration guide (manually or automatically) cancels partial downloads, you have to redo the selection of the files you want to download or not.

And it's logical because when you reload a torrent missing from the window, uT has no reason to remember what you did before.

About the edge pieces, it's normal too. After a forced recheck of a multifiles torrent, uT discards the edge pieces. And redownloads them if you start the torrent job.

You should have used freeware BEncode Editor and edited resume.dat to change the drive letter or paths.

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Yes, you should have use BE since the beginning. It's just a migration, so the drive letter has to be changed and maybe some paths (if you decide to dispatch some files). With BE, you change paths and you save the new resume.dat.

So when you install a new uTorrent, you back up this file and uT can resume all your torrents.

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