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Alternate upload rate when not...


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On a 50/10 Mbit (45/8) stable line.

Suppose µT is set according the Speed Guide's recommendations,

working properly and with no ongoing download in progress.

When (IF?) there isn't any ACK's or other neccecary bottleneck resembled issue's

wouldn't be possible to insert a higher value closer to maximum capability

(or zero even) by checking the Alternate upload rate when not...?

Or is this affecting anything else? sustainability for instance.

If so, someone please clarify what and why.

When setting the upload rate, this vital kind of buffer is commonly recommended

and usually it's about leaving 20 percent... even 9-13% in some case.

How much is really needed and/or does it depend on what?

Thankful and apologizing ahead for the bad gramma/spelling.

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