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UTorrent corrupts downloaded files and cant continue downloading...


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UTorrent keeps corrupting downloaded files and stops download each time then I try to download skipped file.

Here is scenario:

I have a torrent with 100 files and I want to download only two of them.

UTorrent successfully downloads files.

Now I want one more file to be downloaded, so I set priority from 'skip' to any other.

UTorrent marks that torrent with red cross, and I cant resume it!

If I stop torrent, and force re-check it, UTorrent will still not allow me to resume it, still red cross near torrent name.

I remove torrent, add torrent again, force re-check it, and both downloaded files which was downloaded completely, are now downloaded 99.5% (first file is like 300MB and second one is 700MB, both 99.5%)!

This is really annoying, can you fix it?

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