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Triway router (common in France) and port forwarding


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can anyone advise me on how to set up my triway router to work with utorrent? i have Alice (a dsl provider in france). on the french pages i find no help on utorrent, and on the utorrent links and pages i cant find mention of this kind of router.

this is what the port forwarding page for alice looks like:

Public Port From:

Public Port To:

Protocol : (only tcp or udp, not both)

Local Address :

Local Port From:

Local Port To:

any advice would be very very appreciated


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You'll have to add two forwards, one for TCP, one for UDP. If it doesn't let you add another for the same port, then add it for TCP.

Public port from: port you set in Network Options

all the other port from/to: same port

Local address: your computer's local IP address (Start -> Run -> cmd /k ipconfig, the value next to IP Address)

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