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What does proxy do if it's HTTP?


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>Why would you want to use it with BitTorrent?

Why would BitTorrent let you use a HTTP proxy? If it's meant to check for HTML code by the trackers, it would censor intrusive code that way.

No, I didn't say "a" proxy, I said "it" referring to the proxy you happen to be running -- a proxy for filtering HTML. Just because tracker communication uses HTTP doesn't mean deals with HTML. Various applications can and do run over HTTP without using HTML at all; to use a HTML filtering proxy on such applications is a complete and utter waste of time. In the same vein, not all proxies are used to filter HTML in the first place; just because The Proxomitron does doesn't mean all proxies do.

Anonymization isn't the only other reason to use a proxy either. Redirecting traffic to bypass some basic ISP throttling is another use, which has nothing to do with HTML or anonymization.

At any rate, there is absolutely no reason to run µTorrent traffic through The Proxomitron.

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