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Torrent download stuck at 79.1%


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Hi all

This is my 1st post ,so hello to all

My torrent is stuck at 79.1%

I have no peers only seeders 2 (21)

My port Is 8080

and have encrytion and port forwarding set up

all my settings are correct

Im using version 1.8.4

The torrent name is

Unsolved history 2 x 18 Flight KAL-007

Tracker is


I tried to download on my brothers pc and got same result!!

Any suggestions greatly appreciated


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Thanks for your reply

I have pc straight to modem

on speedtest in hitting 10 meg download 9876kbpss In day before6-7pm

upload 420kbps.In Day before 6-7pm

Currently 22.37 im getting 2384kbps download

" " " 122kbps upload

so following utorrent set up guide multiply 2384x 8 = 19072 / 7=2724.57

round it off to 2725

This is 70%of my upload speed

entered in maximum download rate.

There is confusion around set up guide

as it specifies upload speed test at beginning of guide,im assuming it means a download speed test?

correct me if im wrong.

Ps If the tracker is permantley down,why does it stop at 79.1%? and just not download at all?

Many Thanks


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