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Ability to use classic add torrent under advanced options


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I've looked over and over, don't worry :P

Y'know the classic way of adding torrents, before the BitComet style was added? It was so much easier, and there's no way to switch back to it. The way in the FAQ was to make it where every file is saved to the same place, which doesn't work for me. Right now Im using 1.3 because BitComet style annoys me so.

Just to clear this up, it's not a single person rant. The friends I got to switch to uTorrent also dont like it.

And I dont think this is very hard. I'm not a coder, and it cant be too hard, right? Just put in an option that says

bitcomet.style.add.torrent true/false

Default is true, because most people besides me like it.

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