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suggestion: seed while ratio AND time


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currently the seed while function works so that if either condition ( ratio less than 1/X or time less than X ) is true then seeding will continue.

I belive most trackers implementing ratio and/or time rules have rules something like:

- you should always seed until your ratio is atleast 1/X OR until X hours has passed

Therefore I suggest that it be made possible to change the OR rule in the "seed while" function to an AND rule.


You set the limits to 150% and 5 days (whichever comes first).

You seed 150% of your download in the first 2 hours -> seeding stops

You seed 90% of your download in 5 days -> seeding stops

This would help people with "aging out" old torrents from the software without having to refer manually to seed ratio and "date completed" and then working out in their head if the seeding rule has been fulfilled.

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