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Strange behavior at download with 17341 build utorrent 2.0 beta


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I started to download a torrent from a a multinational tracker, and it had 3 seeds, and the download was at 4-30 kbyte/sec for days. Now i started to download something from a tracker where the most of users are from my country. I have 1,8 mbyte/sec downstream bandwidht, and as always the download speed from the second tracker risen rapidly, and same time the first tracker's torrent download speed raised too! When the second torrent finished, the first torrents download speed fallen to 14kbyte/sec again. Then i started do download another new torrent, and as the third torrend dl speed rised, in same time the first torrent speed risen too to ~500 kbyte/sec.

It's not a dl speed indicator bug, cuz it's really downloading faster.

Maybe a bug with utorrent's internal bandwidth regulator?

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My isb don't manipulate the torrent traffic, so its not problem. I tried the bt.transp_disposition setting, i will see how it works.

But another problem: i use upnp router, and utorrent sometimes spamming the router with requests with very fast repeating sometimes 6 times in a second:

[2009-11-26 14:46:28] DEBUG: UPnP: Got a reply/notify event

[2009-11-26 14:46:28] UPnP: Found location from upnp notify:

this is happening after all port mappings finished and working, and utorrent got the external ip too.

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