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Delete files from hard disk when they are excluded from .torrent file


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How to auto-delete files from hard disk when they are excluded from .torrent file?

I really need a feature to sync .torrent file and its downloaded folders & files. With an option to delete files, which are no longer in .torrent.

I have several .torrents which are updated constantly. New files are added, old files are removed on regular basis. I do not need to keep old files on hard disk, so now I manually scroll file list in .torrent file and files in folders on hard disk trying to find and delete file which were excluded from the .torrent.

Didn't find anything by googling a solution for this, maybe I missed something?

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Hmm, seems so :)

But there is no solution in that topic as well :(


Found a solution:

1) Empty recycle bin.

2) Increase recycle bin size so it can keep downloaded files.

3) Execute command "Remove And -> Delete Data" on updated torrents.

4) Shift-delete (or move to temporary "trash" floder) everything left in folders connected with the torrents.

5) Restore all files from recycle bin.

6) Run the torrents (they will rehash the data).

7) So, only files in the current version of torrents are left on hard disk. Old files, which were removed from torrents, are gone (or are in temporary "trash" floder).

It's a bit tricky (and risky) to do it though. I think I'll code a little program for myself to handle it (not the recycle bin trick, but in proper way).


Wrote the program.

Screenshot: http://mangascans.net/TorrentSync.jpg

Program and its sourcecode (875kb): http://mangascans.net/TorrentSync.rar

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