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Port forwarding issue (?), inbound flagged peers showing as router IP


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Vista x64, 1.8.5 build 17091

Hi all,

I'm having inbound connection modem issues - red exclamation, port is forwarded in modem.

The firewall should be off on the modem but I've added the BT port as an exception anyway, passes the utorrent web port test. I am not using any software firewall on the PC, windows firewall is disabled for testing's sake (but exceptions are added for both uT and the port).

However there is some weirdness, which I haven't found anyone else mentioning.

The torrents are low on seeds & peers (only a dozen or so seeds, and a couple of peers), but there are 2 peers flagged as incoming (DI both), and both are showing as (my router IP). Whats even stranger is uTorrent is happily downloading from them.

Despite what appears to be 2 successful (but strange) inbound connections, still have the red (!) and my total uploads is staying at 0, despite being connected to several peers which should be requesting peices (but according to the peerlist aren't).

On the torrents I am seeding, every now and then a peer shows as connected (with the IP as then a few seconds later disconnects.

Any peers I connect to outbound seem to be able to request peices and download from me fine, but inbound peers (all still showing as never (successfully) make a peice request, even ones sitting at 0.1%

Shouldn't the port for inbound peers match my port (currently isn't)? Or does it show what their inbound port is?

Modem is TP-LINK 1TP-W8920G

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