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Question about the custom icon


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I d/l a set of custom icon and put it into %appdata%\utorrent folder and name it main.ico and tray.ico

Everything looks ok except the icon shows in the task list when I press alt tab. The icon there looks fuzzy and I think it uses the 16 * 16 icon to display.

Is there a way to fix it or it is like that ???

I have searched here but couldn't find anything related to this issue. If I miss it, I am sorry about that and please refer the page to me.

Thanks in advance.


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I think the icon has to include a 24x24 size to view it correctly. Not all icons does this.. But try the icons with many sizes available and hope for the best, otherwize you can whine @ the authors in the forums or downsample the biggest size to 24x24 yourself. Which icon are you using?

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I just did the testing. But I am even more confused...

I am run XP sp2 with resolution 1280 * 1024 * 32 bit color.

I modifed the GANT icon using Axialis IconWorkshop 6.0 by adding 24*24 XP format and in each format I also added some different markings to identify each of them.

Here is the result.

The one on the Start menu is using 16*16 format

The one on the desktop is using 32*32 format

The program itself is using 128*128 format including the one on the title bar, taskbar and tray icon.

The one in ALT TAB is using 128*128 too.

But if I use the original GANT icon, the program itself is using 16*16 (including ALT TAB because the 16*16 one with the "µ" sign is in the middle and the others are on the side) not 128*128....

I don't know why.....

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(just like Determination said)

µTorrent uses the first icon in the multi-icon, that's why you see the 16x16 icon in the alt-tab selector.


No matter what icon size is first, µTorrent will always use that icon. So unless you want to see the oversized 32x32 icon in the spot of the 16x16 icon (which would make the alt-tab icon perfect but the taskbar and main icon would also be using that icon too), there's nothing else you can do about it.

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