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Not getting enough seeds - slow download


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I have an open port that runs 512KBps on last speed check, I recently upgraded my DSL speed (AT&T) to "Elite" and on some torrents I get speeds as fast as 450KBps, but on others it's much slower even with a lot of seeds.

I'm currently running a download that has about 130 seeds and about 1400 peers, yet I am only seeing 2 or 3 seeds and about 30 peers. Bandwidth allocation is set to high and the download speed varies from as low as ten to as much as a hundred and uploads from 66 to 85. Port is open and not blocked (green arrow). "Resolve IP's" is disabled, as per the settings instructions.

The pieces are 256 blocks each, does that make a difference in terms of getting seeds? I've noticed that the downloads go faster when the pieces are smaller. Is that what my problem is? Should I alter some settings to make larger blocks go faster? Or is this irrelevant? Please advise.



Oh yes, also, I have been getting a lot of ISP disconnects whenever I open or close UTorrent. This began when I upgraded the DSL speed. I use a 2Wire modem.

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I made all the recommended changes according to the two links you sent me and nothing has changed.

Here's what the download is currently showing:

Seeds: 2 (136) Peers: 37 (1196) Download Speed app. 29KBps, Upload speed app. 47KBps.

(obviously this changes but not very much)

Since I can get higher speeds on other downloads I still wonder if this has to do with the fact that the pieces are 256 blocks in size. I am also wondering if it's just this torrent that's giving me the problem.

No doubt I seem like an idiot at this point, perhaps there's nothing really wrong with my settings, I will double-check them according to the inks you sent. Thanks for the help, however, it is appreciated.

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