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Keyboard control of downloads in rss feed lists


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I'm an avid user, and i have but one gripe with this marvelous application.

When browsing through my rss feeds, i am unable to select torrents for download with my keyboard.

As a person with reduced control of my hands, this is an inconvenience, as aiming the mouse sometimes can take me half a minute, while pressing keys is a much faster process, as the keyboard does not move when my hand shakes.

To sum up; I want to be able to use something like the enter key to select downloads from rss feeds.

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What version of µTorrent are you using?

If you're using 1.8.x or newer... how is it that you can't select items from the keyboard? You can hold Shift and the arrow keys to select contiguous torrents, or Ctrl and arrows followed by Space (while still holding Ctrl) to select non-contiguous torrents. You can follow that selection up by pressing the menu key on the keyboard (standard on most keyboards -- or Shift+F10 if your keyboard doesn't have that key) to bring up the context menu, and then select the relevant option from there.

Admittedly, that's slightly complicated in writing, but it's fairly trivial in practice (and is how you standardly navigate files in Windows Explorer too anyway). If you're having problems actually focusing the RSS feed's items list by keyboard, Tab through the window until the list gets focus.

The way torrents are selected likely won't ever change, but are you perhaps asking for µTorrent to do something like add the torrents from the RSS feed by pressing Enter on the selected items?

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Yes, I was asking for µTorrent to add torrents from the RSS feed by pressing enter.

Using the context menu did not occur to me. Highlighting with the keyboard works as you have described, and it was because i was able to do this i tried pressing enter (and space and then checking the help files to see if there was another key)

Thanks, this solved my problem, anyway....

I now use "context key, down, enter" to download the highlighted torrent.

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