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Utorrent connects to public trackers, but not private ones


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Hi. I have a new computer w/ Windows 7, but the modem (Westell E90-610015-06) and connection Verizon are from before. My trouble is that while Utorrent is connecting and downloading good for public trackers from btjunkie.org (http://tracker.publicbt:80/announce); its not connecting or downloading from sites that use private trackers: [Peer Exchange], [Local Peer Discovery], [DHT] all say not allowed and the tracker: ex. http://tracker.gay-torrents.net:6970/7e..... will say offline and constanly update.

I've allowed Utorrent in Firewall, I don't have any additional security Firewall other than Windows 7. A port has been opened. I know I'm logged in tothe sites w/ private trackers. The only site i've been able to successfully connect and download from other than Btjunkie's public ones is from Cinemaggeden.org, although Cinemageddon's [DHT}, etc. all say not allowed but tracker says working. The bt public [DHT], etc. all say working.

This has been going on since first getting the new computer almost a month ago. I've asked for help in forums on some of the private sites and no one has been able to help.

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As far as i know only Microsoft Security Essentials which is basically a scan for viruses and spyware. I also have a McAfee scan which came with Adobe Reader or something, but I downloaded that after Utorrent. A Norton Security (trial) came with the computer but i didn't activate it.

There was no disk software that i downloaded on the computer.

Hello, I am still having trouble with this!

Does anyone know why I am unable to connect to private trackers, even if I'm logged into the private trackers' websites when I download the torrents?

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