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Sporadic Downloading speed.


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Hello, i have recently gotten a new computer and just installed Utorrent which i am familiar with.

So i am currently downloading a 9GB file..i started about about 10pm EST last night, for about 10 hours it ran at 80-90kBs woke up this morning checked it and it was 20kBs...i am running vista and i have looked up about 50 guides on the internet i found one that worked well that had me change my "advanced" settings in the preferences section. That worked great made me jump to 130-140kBs after about one hour im back down to 20...i can not find anything that will boost me up toa reasonable speed for more than an hour...and now i cant find anything that will work to any degree... my Download is at 74% after 17 hours and the last 26% is estimated to take another 23 hours...i could really use some help guys, please and thanks.

i have heard that maybe older versions can be altered to speed up fast on vista?

i will check back often

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Well i have reset all of the settings in the "Advanced tab"

and now my download speed is about 6kBs....


and i do not think that 6kBs is very good for my speed test....

almost 80% now and has taken one day, and 3 days predicted for the last 20%

Max upload rate: 10

Global Max Connections: 600

Number Of Connected Peers per torrent: 100

Upload slots per torrent: 6

Port: 17120 (Verified open)

Disabled UPnP and NAT-PMP Port mapping.

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Unfortunately it wont let me try that test, because of my lack of a java environment, which i downloaded twice...maybe its not compatible with vista?

maybe there is another test i can try?

by the way is windows 7 better for torrenting on than perhaps vista?

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Hmm, concidering i just got this computer about 8 days ago brand new i dont think there could be faulty drivers, although im not so sure i trust dell that much to have them not make mistakes.

but i also have a free copy of windows 7 at my disposal ill be sending out for it soon.

i seem to have lots of speed issues on vista i didn't have with xp, speaking of, I'm not running at 6kBs right now, now my usual 20kBs I'm running at about 55 from 6 a few minutes ago, and i did absolutely nothing i was just surfing the web and it jumped that much and its staying there for now, my speeds are very inconsistent, and i have no clue why...

*5 minutes after typing that its back to 12kBs

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