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Multiple user support not working in Windows 7


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Hi all,

I cannot use uTorrent in other users except the one where it is installed first time.

I have 2 different users on my Windows 7 machine, I install uTorrent as Administrator in one of them and everything works just fine.

When I login to the second user, everytime I try to launch uTorrent it tries to start an install and fails before actually installing anything.

This problem was there in 1.8.4 and is also in 1.8.5 - I tried several times "run as Administrator" and several combinations of the "Compatibility mode"

Any ideas? Thank you in advance for your replies...



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Did it give you a option to install for all users? That might be what is missing? If you didn't select that option that might be why it is doing that. And to edgy9890 without knowing what O/S your using it will be hard to help.

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Hi PiusX, thanks for your reply

I too am running Windows 7 so exactly the same problem.

There does not seem to be any option to install for all users that I can see.

For clarity i'm not fussed about both users being able to continue the same downloads but just the ability to both use utorrent. If that helps at all (?!)

Thanks in advance ;)

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