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Torrent files not saving to disk.


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i have been using utorrent for a few years now and have had no problems with it at all until 20 minutes ago. usually when you click on a torrent file on tpb or mininova etc it gives you the option of saving to disk or opening that file. windows/internet explorer has stopped doing this for me. now when i click on a torrent file to download it automatically opens in utorrent and starts to download.

i cannot figure out or find anywhere online any reference to this (maybe my bad searching) but it is annoying me as i like to be able to save the torrent filed to disk so i can download when i choose not when i try and download the torrent file.

any help would be greatly appreciated


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Ok i guess i found a solution as I got the same issue and I am extremely tech savy and still couldnt find the soluton so you arent the only one as there was no forum or anywhere in the web with a solution :mad:

It took so much time but I finally figured out how to fix it! :D

nevermind now the way is to go to start, in run type regedit and run as administrator.

There there is edit menu where there is find option.

Find torrent and you shall so many searches. Go to find next to go to next one and so on.

Any searches with a .torrent in the key list/group list delete it but make sure you are not deleting the registry keys for a certain program like Opera or etc who have torrent functionality and you can identify them in the tree if they fall under a program or not or are standalone.

Just delete the standalone folders and remove all sorts of torrent keys from the registry.

I guess they were like 5 or 6 for me or maybe less but they worked out for me so just check it and ask if you are unsure and if I can help I will try to.

Restart windows and then try to open utorrent where it will ask u to become a default software which you should accept and then try downloading from internet explorer and hopefully the problem is gone.

Let me tell you something that this problem arose when you accidently unclicked always ask before opening this type of file and all this happened because of this.

So this is the way to fix it. Its tedious and annoying but if you want to do this, this would be the way unless someone has an easier solution.

By the way I am also running IE8 and Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

Also a word of advice, if you are unsure what you are doing then better to backup your registry by clicking on file and then choosing export and choosing all to save the registry and that can be used in case you do any wrong setting and Windows does not work properly or something like that.

Ok besides this if anyone wants any clarification ask me but I guess this is the best I can explain.

I hope I helped you and this might be useful for more people also.

Oh by the way this is not a problem of utorrent and it is from IE8 so dont blame utorrent for any of this if you think this is the cause, as this is a beautiful piece of software and I salute the team who developed it!!!! Thumbs up!!!

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