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Any way to get rid of "This program is freeware" prompt at start up?


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I run uTorrent through wine on a ubuntu server. Ocassionally there may be a need to reboot the server, sometimes unattended. The server is configure to automatically log-in a particular user (me, the only one), and start uTorrent.exe. The problem is if I'm not at the machine when this happens, then it just displays the prompt: "This program is freeware. If you paid for it, you have been scammed, and you should get a refund.".

It's great that uTorrent makes you aware of this. However until the user hit's ok, the app will not start!! So if my server ever needs to restart, torrents wont restart until someone can actually get to the machine and click on "OK" via the UI...

I have ssh access to this machine. But even with that I can't figure out a way to make this Windows prompt UI go away...

Any ideas?

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