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Required to exit and reopen uTorrent before torrent will start.

Pixel Eater

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Any time I add new torrents, they'll sit idle (but with a blue arrow and awareness of peers). When I close and reopen uTorrent they start right up if peers are available. Because i have 1650 torrents seeding and have transferred uTorrent's settings/profile a few times, I'm worried the only repair might be a clean install. What can cause this?

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Okay, I am on a Fios 20 up 20 down connection. Most of the numbers I've chosen will seem and likely are arbitrary.


Max active: 3000

Max downloads: 3000

Seed while: Ratio is: <= 30,000 or time is <= 0 minutes


Max upload rate: 2400

Max download rate: 2200

Global max connections: 2400

Max number of peers per torrent: 125

Number of upload slots per torrent: 25

Use additional upload slots if up speed <90%: yes

I did not have this problem until recently, so I wonder if I've reached a threshold somewhere.

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Okay, those were enabled already. Because my settings did seem outlandish I knocked them back to the conservative ones suggested in the sticky. I now have on my hands over 1600 queued seeds. Would anyone be willing to suggest sensible settings good for seeding around 3000 albums (I'll have that many in a few months) 24/7?

Edit: Now that some 10 downloads have finished, the uploads aren't queued. What's up with that?

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