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webUI I cannot get it to work please help me


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Hi everyone I am having issues with WebUI, I have it enabled, I have a port already open for it, and I get a green tick, and port checker says a OK so I know its all working, but for some reason I cannot get it to connect or set it up.

here is my settings (I have changed them to protect my PC but I want to see if its right

I have webUI turned on and set to port 50000, my normal listening port for Utorrent is 44599, but they say its best for webui to have its own port .

now my question for this bit is in my router I know I need to set up port map

so do I use my IP from my ISP or do I use my IP assigned by the router?

now before webUI I set up a port for listening, my IP on my network is and the port is 44599 and thats always been fine, but because I will access this from accross the nation , do I still put :50000 or do I put the IP from my isp

which would be then : 50000 so I would appreciate the help there.

and then if I am trying to access it from work , what do I even type into the address bar ?

I know will get me know where, but how do I tell my router to redirect to my pc on my network etc.

Im sorry if I am sounding nooby but I really need the help

thanks alot guys in advance

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