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Utorrent causes blue screen crash Irq not less or equal


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This is a pretty common error I've seen, but I can't seem to find a confirmed working solution.

I've used utorrent for a long time, this started when I installed windows 7 x64 I think.

I've reinstalled and did clean installs or utorrent, while loading some of my old torrents to seed.

I have 2 possible fixes at the moment.

1st, run utorrent in compatibility for windows xp, and my 2nd run it with all new torrents, none of the old ones.

I will update everyone on the situation as soon as I can.

Until then, are there any known fixes for this?

**30 mins no crashes with no torrents loaded, starting a new torrent****

**1 minute after adding a new torrent, computer got bluescreen and restarted, attempting xp compatibility mode**

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Ok, for everyone who ever reads this again.

Confirmed solution.

It is your network card drivers.

I thought mine were fine using the ones that auto installed with windows 7 x64.

I went to the manufacturers site of my network card, downloaded the latest drivers, and my torrent programs never crashed again.

Also, this problem is with any torrent program, utorrent, bittorrent, vuze.

All crashed my computer and all are fixed now.

For the record, I am switching to vuze.

When I used to use it, it was an overly made program that was hard to use and took up to much resources.

It now is simple, uses less, and seems to work better than utorrent or bittorrent.

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Vuze "seems to work better than utorrent or bittorrent." ...in what ways?

You never mentioned the uTorrent version you were using, so if you're comparing an older uTorrent versus a newer Vuze vesion...it's a bit disingenuous.

You never mentioned your uTorrent settings, which could've been so severe that they were partially to blame for triggering the blue screen crash.

Now if you're saying that Vuze is better because of its seeding rules if you're trying to seed a lot of torrents on limited upload speed max, then I might agree with you...but only for now since uTorrent's torrent queue is slowly being improved.

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I mentioned that I did complete clean installs of utorrent, including trying previous versions. I also made sure to remove the old appdata just in case a clean install really didn't get everything.

My torrent crash happened with utorrent, bittorrent and vuze which told me it was the network adapter.

I was using the latest vuze in comparison to the latest utorrent, 1.8.5. If there is a higher one, I could not update to it.

I'm saying that vuze is better because it was simpler to set up and I had no port trouble that I usually do.

I've always had a large utorrent seed section (over 100 at a time). I don't know if that has anything to do with why my utorrent speeds were so inconsistent. I might try going back to it using the same port I am for vuze.

But overall I solved the problem, It is a network adapter driver, anyone who reads this should try updating or at least changing the driver in someway.

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