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seeding goals not making utorrent stop...


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In preferences - Queueing I have seed while ratio is <= 0% or seeding time is <= 1 min

But upon completion of all torrents in the queue they do not move to finished, despite seeding for longer than 1 minute.

I tried putting more in the percentage - 5 I think, and the same thing was happening.

Am I mistaken in how these options should work? How can I achieve what I am wanting to do? This is on my machine I do public tracker stuff on, and its cached by the ISP so no real ratio to worry about really.

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This has been happening to me too, for awhile now.

The last several versions, from the 1.8 stable series up to the 2.1 beta 17350 I'm running now, have not obeyed the 'stop seeding' settings for me. (Options -> Preferences -> Queueing).

I tried uncheck/recheck as mentioned by OP above, but the seeding did not stop for me.

I keep all my settings files in the same directory with uTorrent executable, nothing is stored anywhere in \documents and settings\ or elsewhere.

I tried brand-new directory "install" for uTorrent, to let it create all files it needs completely from scratch. I confirmed first there were no files found in \docs and settings\, I launched the program after new install and let it create its new files. Then I shut it down, and moved the new files from \docs and settings\ into the new directory containing the program exe. I relaunched, and the Logging tab confirms the program saw and loaded from the settings files inside its own directory. I do not see any new files being created over in \docs and settings\.

This is what I have for my seeding settings:

Seed While [Default values]

Ratio is <= 500 % or seeding time is <= (min) 0

When uTorrent Reaches the Seeding Goal

(X) Limit the upload rate to (kB/s): [0:stop] 0

I believe this is correct, to stop seeding after five copies? But I have several seeds right now with ratios of 6.x, 7.x, 8.x etc.

I just now tried setting the 'seed while' ratio to 100 % and clicked 'apply'. The seeding has continued.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong, or where to look further to correct this? I've looked through the help and searched the forums, but no luck so far. Please point me to any info I've missed?

Kind regards,


Win XP Pro SP3 32-bit

uTorrent 2.1 beta 17350 - settings contained in own directory, nothing stored anywhere in \documents and settings\

EDIT: I've not altered any advanced settings (intetionally!). So I just looked through there, none are bolded, I think that means they are still at defaults? queue.use_seed_peer_ratio is set to 'true' that was the only setting that looked to me like it might have an affect? TIA.

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Thank you for that clarification too! It may not appear I have consulted CHM help, FAQ etc. I did, but obviously forgot some things... I'll go brush up now...

OK how about a test to ensure we know what happens? I can ensure the seeding goal is set to, say, 150%, I can ensure it is marked and set with '0' to stop when seeding goal is reached, advanced settings are all default. Is there anything else I should ensure first? Then I'll add a brand-new torrent (small PDF perhaps) and report back what happens to it...

Thank you for the continued help.

Kind regards,


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Feel free to test.

As for whether it's mentioned anywhere else... it's definitely mentioned in the manual:

µTorrent User Manual > Appendix A: The µTorrent Interface > Preferences > Queueing


[ul][li]Note: These values only affect torrent jobs added after they are set. Existing torrent jobs will retain their current seeding goals, even if these default settings are modified.[/li][/ul]


And if one looks in resume.dat, each torrent already has a wanted_ratio key that matches the original default value, even if the default value is changed later in the Preferences.

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Thanks Ultima I found and read that part in in the help CHM before I asked my question. Yes it does answser that if I change my seeding settings after the torrent was added, the torrent will not pick up the new settings.

What I didn't catch from the phrase is the manual, is whether that's intended to be an all-inclusive answer to every question about seeding goal ettings and current torrents? So that's why I asked. I take from your answer there is no method that can force existing torrent to pick up the current settings then.

Regarding resume.dat, I'm sorry, I didn't follow that at all... Are you telling me that all my torrents carry the default settings no matter what I specify in options?

What is odd to me is that, regardless of what might have been in my settings when I added a torrent, I've never set my seeding goal higher than 500% and I don't recall ever seeing a default other than 150%. So regardless of what the settings were when a torrent was added, I don't understand how they could now be at 10:1, 12:1, etc.

I will make the small file test and report back.

Kind regards,



Well, where are all those people who really want that little PDF when you need them? LOL

I finally found some files that would seed consistently, a little bigger than wanted for testing but answers shouldn't take too long to get.

Here's what I did:

1. Started 2.1 in brand new EXE directory and with brand-new settings files (created in \docs and settings\ and moved to the installation directory after making certain any/all uTorrent process not running). Launched 2.1 and confirmed message in log file, NOTE: Settings file found in directory of executable; using that.

2. Altered queueing goal 150% to 175%, marked the 'reaches seeding goal' option and entered 0 for a stop action. OK'd these settings.

3. Opened options back up to coinfirm changes, took screen print.

4. Added a torrent and started it. Took screen print of properties of torrent, showing settings (in grey) of 175%, minutes 0 as expected.

Just started seeding, later today will see what happened.

2nd torrent test:

1. Back to options, UNmarked 'reaches seeding goal', left all else same. OK'd, went back to confirm it changed, took screen print.

2. Added a 2nd torrent and started it, properties show 175% and 0 in gray as expected, screen printed it

3. Back to options, marked 'reaches seeding goal', all else same. OK'd, went back to confirm it changed, took screen print.

The reason for the second torrent test... The 'reaches seeding goal' box is UNmarked by default installation. I don't see the status of that preference in the properties box of the torrents, making me thing that ought to be a global setting that is instantly in effect, on or off, and not stored with any torrent settings. Is that a correct interpretation?

I'm sure more than once I've forgotten to mark and set that option right away, and added torrents without it being set. So I was wondering if my 'runaway' seeders are storing that setting too when they're added?

Sorry if I'm way off base, but I figured it didn't hurt to try a test...

I'll be back when I have some observations to share.

Kind regards,


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[Note: I've been talking mostly about ratio while ignoring seeding time, but everything that applies for ratio applies for the seeding time limit as well.]

When you first add a torrent, information about it gets added to resume.dat, including the seeding goal, stored in the torrent's wanted_ratio key. What does the seeding goal get set to when you add a torrent? Whatever the default goal is in Preferences > Queueing. Beyond that point, any changes to Preferences > Queueing does not change any existing wanted_ratio in resume.dat. The only way to override any torrent's wanted_ratio then is to override it in the torrent's Properties.

You are correct in saying that the "Limit the upload rate to" is independent of the default seeding goals. This setting takes effect once any torrent reaches its wanted_ratio as stored in resume.dat. That is, it does not necessarily take effect after a torrent reaches the default seeding goals.

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Ultima thank you again for your explanations and information.

I made my tests as above and they are just as they should be -- they both stopped after reaching 175%.

I have found *my* issue (perhaps the OP's as well?): 'Force start'.

I make frequent use of 'force start' option. My alleged 'runaway' torrents -- which prompted me to come post here -- were set with 'force start'.

As clearly stated in the help file CHM, 'force start' overrides queueing and seeding torrents do not stop when they reach their seeding goal.

I know I have read that before, as I really did read the FAQ's and manual thoroughly (some months ago). I did look at Firon's FAQ via the sticky at the top of this forum before posting, and just went there to look again now. This information is there, but it is listed under 'what does force do' section. Since I had no recollection 'force' was involved, I searched only for my visible symptom: torrent won't stop, torrent doesn't obey seeding goal, etc. phrases I could think of. I didn't hit that section with any of the words I'd chosen.

I had also searched this forum, which is how I found this post and jumped on. Did I miss some kind of Troubleshooting Index by Symptom (sticky, document reference, other)?

That's the first kind of help information/document I look for, when I have a visable symptom and no idea what is causing it. If that document/information doesn't exist, perhaps Firon would consider adding a symptom list index to his FAQ, that points to sections in his FAQ or the help manual of the possible causes? If it does exist, please point me, I'll make a note of it.

The "error messages" section in the help file CHM is just this kind of thing, but obviously geared to error messages. Perhaps a another section in the manual, formatted, much like the "error messages" section, a list of visible symptoms with possible causes and reference links/pointers to the detailed manual sections? Just an idea.

Torrent doesn't stop seeding/continues past seeding goal [better words needed]

View torrent's properties for torrent's actual seeding goal (see manual section xxxxx explanation of queueing preferences)

Torrent is set with 'force' start (see manual section xxxxx for explanation of 'force start' feature)

(etc etc just an example)

(not trying to step on anybody's toes, just wishing to help make these already excellent resources even more valuable for self-help by offering some possible ideas to make the existing information locatable by even broader search criteria)

I would guess I'm not the only one who forgot about this 'feature' of the program, and then was puzzled by the behavior of the seeding torrents that didn't stop. I hope my being daft and posting here will help others who didn't know/have forgotten this setting's affect on seeding goal :)

Bottom line, thank you for pushing me back to reading the manual again! 'Force start' is the entire issue for me.

Kind regards,


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I wish to emphasize a couple of points that wasn't obvious to me when I had this problem.

* In Preferences>Queuing, "Limit the upload rate'' must definitely be 'set' to something e.g 0.

* If you override the default seeding limits in the individual torrent's (right-click) Properties, it doesn't take affect

until you stop the torrent and re-start it (not force-start).

* For the seeding time limit, there is a count-down timer called 'Remaining' in the General tab. You can actually see how much time remains before the torrent stops/limited.

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