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Create magnet link with uTorrent?


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In case that's what you intended to say... You do not need to upload the .torrent file anywhere if you give the hash with the URI magnet link format to others BUT of course you will always need to create the .torrent file before, otherwise how would you get any torrent hash. I hope that makes sense to you. :)

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Hi, I need the dummies guide for osx.

I've opened utorrent, gone file > newtorrent > add directory > selected the directory

Left everything default (start seeding is on)

Create and Save As

gave it a name

it puts the warning up, please give a tracker. Don't want one, as we're using a magnet, so click ok to continue without tracker.

It reads the file and adds it to my list of 'all' and 'completed'.

At this stage, right clicking on the file in 'all' list doesn't offer me a magnet uri.

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