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Torrent Not Downloading/No Connection?


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Hi, I am new here, and I have a problem with my server setting.

I already try to go >option>connection>proxy server and key in all the http type;proxy; and port number..

But I still can't get the connection.

Additional Info, I already can get an excess to the internet setting and successfully can use the internet browser and normal download direct from the website...

But for the torrent downloading purpose, I failed.

I use BitTorrent6.3

Plus, this problem arise from a connection in my office..

If I use my personal wireless broadband, it's all okay...

But now, I want to "hack" or "utilize" the office internet connection line..

Honestly, I am a heavy user for this torrent, please do help me okay...

Your knowledge is a pleasure for me... I thank you for your kindness...

Please, anybody help me and show me the way through your experience and in professional way please...

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Okay, thanks for your intention to help me...


"I already can get an excess to the internet"

Too much internet?

-Okay, I am the new IT Technician in this small town office far away from my HQ. and I already tried many time to by pass the server for my own connection, and.............

-The situation is like this;

1) At my office, all the internet setting is doing by an IT guys from the remote HQ in far away from my current office, somewhere areas

2) Then, we have a server rooms that connected to another far away server from our office called "HQ"

3) Actually, all my colleagues cannot access a certain website that the "HQ" block the link connection to that website.

4) BUT for my PC, I can get an access to the all website that I want to surf.

5) In related story, my colleagues PCs cannot download anything directly from the website itself. (eg, freeware programme)

6) BUT my PC's can do the direct download terms.

7) In others words, my PC can get connected to the internet for anything link that I want to go but my frend CANT.

8) Means, I am using the LAN port without detection from the administrators to cut down my link.

9) I also can get connected to the IP printer setting, and scan machine.

10) Lastly, for the Bit Torent or utorrent or anything else like bitcommet etc, after downloading the torrent, it shows in my torrent list for my downloading progress, even though it shows the blue color, it was not downloading at all (no improvement/no progress/shows no activity at all)

-So my question is;

1) Is that cause from the server connection rules?

2) If yes, is there any way to by pass the server?

Does Teredo/IPv6 work at the office?

-Urmm... I am not sure, but I always press the button tab in the (>.option>preference>general) to install IPv6 Teredo.

So, Please... any way to troubleshoot my problem?

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