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Delete the .rar, zip archive files, and .nfo, .txt Option...


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It could be added to the [right click Torrent] > Remove and > Delete Special or Delete Advanced

You could have a text'd box with an "add to list" button... make a list of file extenstions to delete. You would also need to select a source folder.

This would go through all of the sub folders, deleting all the files you added to your list. This wouldn't be perfect, you would need to think of a way to incorporate .r01, r02, etc files... sometimes they can go pretty high, it would suck to have to type in 50 to 60 extensions. So maybe a range field would help for those.

This would let me clean up a lot of space after i have extracted my files... so as to save space and be tidy with out deleting the file that you needed to keep.


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