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Lost webUI after router change


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hi there!

i was using ZTE 831 series be4,

i changed the router to HUAWEI HG510 and now its not working anymore

it works with the localhost ip,

but when i try to log in using no-ip redirect through proxy OR simply WAN ip through proxy,

it gives me a 404 NOT FOUND page,


the requested URL was not found on this server


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404 means there is something accepting the connection but the "page isn't found". Check your router's manual or do some google work to see if your router does weird things on certain ports. Also make sure you have your URL correct (http://ip.address.here:port/gui/). If you can't find any info on your router, you can try using a different port (I usually like do use a port over 10,000 - you can use up to 65000).

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And the port checker does indicate that the port is open, right?

how would it know which lan pc's port to look in.. because apparently all machines have ports ranging from 0-65000

Inconsequential. You can only forward a port to one computer from the router, and you are the one who has to set up the forwarding rule, so whatever computer you select is the computer the connection gets forwarded to. Pick a port that hasn't already been forwarded to another computer, and forward it to the correct computer.

If you're getting a 404, then you're clearly using a port that is being forwarded to a web server. Pick another one.

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