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uploading/speeds/downloading/speads/connecting peers/port mapping/ect.


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my upload /download speeds are low(5.5kbps) and my torrents are showing available peers and seeds, also the available status is 9.0. i mapped one port in my router for utorrent and i have the green check mark for proper port. in short my download rate is around 100kbps total for all downloads(11) and uploads total is about 33.0kbps this couses my share ratio to be too low!!

if anyone has any sugestions as to what i can do well thank you!

i was wondering if i had to manualy connect the peers showing in th peers list or not?

or if when a download completes do i have to get a diferant tracker to upload?

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Your connection probably has a very low upload max.

You're on a satellite ISP? (Directway?)

You'll be permanetly firewalled if that's the case, because you cannot port forward the ISP's equipment.

If you can, use Teredo/IPv6.

1st link in my signature (slow speed section)

2nd link in my signature, set uTorrent's settings based off your upload max.

To your 2 questions:




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