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Thought I fixed, apparently not


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I can download pretty much anything, usually up to my max download cap,

but I can't seem to seed anything.

And running utorrent at all makes my browser so slow it is barely useable.


Windows XP Home 32 bit SP 3, Up to date

Road Runner 15mbdown/2mbup cable

Waiting til I return from New York in January to upgrade to Windows 7

1. I am using up to date version of utorrent.

2. Tried with and without router.

3. Utorrent port is accessible and added to router config

Any suggestions, I'm at a loss.


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I tried insanely conservative settings. My internet is rated at 15mb down, 2mb up, and I used to have no problem browsing the internet when seeding at 60 kb/s and no problem at all browsing when downloading at 1.7mb/s, but now I have to set it to 300 kb/s down and 15 kb/s up... something is askew! :)

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