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17+ Mbit internet, but DL uTorrent capped at around 8Mbit


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I live in Italy and curently using the 20 Mega adsl from Telecom (Alice Gate adsl 2 plus WIFI router/modem).

My issue:

Whenever I download torrents the download speed I achieve is maximum 800kb/s. Disregarding of number of seeds/peers (from 10 to 2000) and number of torrents (from 2 to 12) and duration (for the last 4 days i havent stopped downloading). It seems almost a flat line reaching 800kbytes/s

My dsl modem/router is provided by the ISP and was recently (2 weeks or so) unlocked so i can use most of the options.

My line status:

Before that my speeds were around 1.5mb/s-1.8mb/s which is quite good. The status on the line is very good (Noise margins and attenuation) and i havent moved the location. The line is set up following all tips - only the modem, no phone, with adsl filter, etc.

My tests and settings:

I ran various test from dslreports to speednet (ping 20ms and download 15Mbit constantly). I also ran a throttling test to check if isp blocks me - not the case - the Throttling test shows 17.50Mbit and no sign of blocking.

uTorrent - My upload speed is set to very low to 20kb (out of 300+kb) and my download speed is set to 2500kb. The port i have forwarded in router and its the same in utorrent is 56323 and i have the green dot.

I got MTU set by TCP Optimizer to 1942 (pppoe) and RWIN i cant remember but a high value somewhere around 100000. I run dual OS - Win7 x64 and Vista x64, in both cases same settings same issues.

Windows 7/Vista and Router firewalls are disabled.

Anyway all the tests i do report that i have optimal settings. When i download i still browse the internet very fast, which usually doesent occur when you max your bandwitdth with torrents. That gets me to think that i am missing something.

My questions:

1. i have set a static ip for my pc through router. Do i need to do the same in the PC? Does it matter

2. Does changing the port matters as well?

3. Any other suggestions?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read and respond!



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"uTorrent - My upload speed is set to very low to 20kb (out of 300+kb) and my download speed is set to 2500kb."

What are the OTHER settings in uTorrent, as shown by the Speed Guide (CTRL+G) window?

You can't ever reach 2500 KB/sec download according to your speed tests, so why set it so high?

Test with upload set higher?

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