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Start download when availability is at least 1.00


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There should be a feature that would allow a torrent to download (when using the scheduler) only when there is an availability of at least 1.00.

For example:

I use the scheduler to download torrents overnight. I go to sleep and let the torrents download. Many times I check in the morning and find many torrents are only 10% or 80% downloaded simply because only 10% or 80% of the torrent is available. So I end up with half of the torrent downloaded and can't get the rest because there is no body seeding the full torrent.

If there isn't a seeder with the whole torrent, then I don't want just a portion of the torrent. E.g. 40% of an avi file is useless and is just a waste of my monthly download quota.

This could be added as an option such as "Download only when availability is: <user inputs value here>". The default value should be 1.

This should take into account that if I want to download only a part of a torrent (1 file out of many files) and the part that the user wants is available, but not the rest of the files, then it should start downloading even though the torrent's availability is less than 1.

What do you guys think?

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That's right, but what if the availability never goes up???

This is especially true for torrents on private trackers where the number of seeders is usually very low or when the tracker is dead/down.

I've had torrents trying to download for more than 4 weeks and it never completed more than 46% and the I end up deleting them. It's just a waste of time and internet traffic.

Overview of how the feature would work:

Scenario 1:

Add new torrent --> check availability --> if => '1.00' --> download.

Scenario 2:

Add new torrent --> check availability --> if < '1.00' --> wait for a period of time (5 min) --> check availability again --> if still < '1.00' --> wait and check again (2x) --> if availability still < '1.00' -- > stop download and notify user.

This feature could be enabled for some torrents and disabled for others by having an option in the 'Torrent Properties' page to turn this feature on/off.

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