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Seed not sending any piece for ages without being snubbed...


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I have following scenario which puzzles me for a couple of weeks now: trying to get some files (more) from a very poorly seeded torrent my client can regularly connect to the unique seed (flags: dHX running uT 1.8.4) but almost no download is happening. Having been logging the traffic for quite some time it seems that my client is not requesting any piece (or block) unlike in many other situations where the seeds may simply not answer my requests (flag: S). Keep alives (Got and Send) and sending of aggregated data from time to time is the only exchange during hours and hours...

What may be the reason for it?

Besides there's another thing I have been following surprised: peers only willing to get pieces (blocks) from my client but most of the time not willing to send me more than a couple of blocks at very low speed (always choking me again: S flag) though they got some pieces I have not... Again here all clients involved are running 1.8.X versions of uTorrent so no software incompatibility issue I guess.

What may be the reason here?


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Thanks Switeck for having taken the time to answer while apparently no one else is willing or able. :rolleyes:

Me being the incomplete peer (leech) trying to get some pieces from a seed (complete) in this "live" scenario I mentionned in my first paragraph above IMO there's no reason to expect to see any 'u' or 'U' flag but rather 'd' or 'D' since I am willing and waiting to download some more pieces from a seeding peer which stays sometimes connected several hours in a row, whilst not delivering any single block. Maybe a 'K' could have been appearing though I never saw it ever happen in this situation.

It's a little off topic but speaking about this 'K' flag I saw it in a torrent I've been watching and logging for several weeks but only from some clients (like Transmission). According to the Help file definition it should mean "peer unchoked your client, but your client is not interested". What's weird is that my client always had more pieces than this peer as well as more than all the others (since I was reseeding a torrent with a partial content which was meaningful since it was a set of many DVD's, from this point of view I was actually a seed) but only one peer kept on showing the 'K' flag whereas all the others never showed it. The theoretical question here would be if a peer shows the 'K' even if it has no pieces of interest for the other peer. But then it should be a uniform rule which clearly not appeared to be the case in this example. :/

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